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Why work 8 hours every week...when we do it in about 5 minutes!
  Spend 6 hours per week on network orders

Why spend 8 hours every week on network orders...

Spend 6 minutes per week on network orders

When EZ-Net imports network orders in 5 minutes?'s EZ-Net is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to import your network's orders! And deliver exact time affidavits back the way the network forms require.

Also, EZ-Net is sold separately. If you don't need this optional feature, you don't have to pay for it.

Customers: click here for our users' site (Traf.Com) with software and instructions.
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Time saved based on actual customer testimonial.
Networks currently supported include
  Ad Large
  Texas State Network
  United Stations
  Westwood One
Others are being added upon request.

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